Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shopping day...

I had another day off today, and instead of spending it just lounging around the house, I decided to do some shopping. The first place I went to was the World Market store, where I bought some Asian food, they don’t have a huge selection of things from Japan, but I did manage to get some good things! After that I decided to go by Office Depot and buy a much needed printer, and I found a HP that I liked, so I decided to get it, I just hope it doesn’t run out of ink every other week like my last one!

Once I got home from shopping, I needed some time to be lazy, so of course I had to watch some TV! But it wasn’t a complete waste of time, because I watched the Japanese channel, so technically I could call that studying (^-^). Also, I watched a show that I hadn’t seen before, called “Gokusen”, and it was hilarious! Okashii おかしい!It had a lot of slapstick comedy that was easy to find humorous, whether you can understand the language or not. Speaking of which, I still find myself knowing more and more words from Japanese TV, although I still can’t put the words together enough to understand full sentences. Well that’s all for today, mata ashita! Noah

Kyou shoppingu shimashita. きょうショッピングしました。


Hitomi said...

おいしそうな日本のたべものをかったんだね。(Wow, you bought some Japanese food! They look yummy!)

プリンターもみつかってよかったね。(I am glad to hear that you have found the printer you liked.)


Noah said...

Hey Hitomi, yeah I did get some good food from there, I cooked some of the instant Miso soup last night and it was pretty good! But I want to buy some tofu to add to it, that would make it even better!

So far the printer is doing great, I like to be able to print something out and read it, rather than reading everything off the computer screen. I love having a printer again! うれしい!

Talk to you soon! Noah