Monday, April 17, 2006

iPod no more...

Konban wa mina-san, o-genki desu ka? Watashi wa totemo genki desu yo!

Well today was a pretty average day, I had to go to work, but we were not that busy today, so everything was going good until I got into my car and tried to listen to my iPod, and it wouldn’t turn on! I am not sure what happened to it, I left it in the car, but it wasn’t in direct sunlight or anything, so I am very confused. But for some good news, I bought a Japanese CD from ebay and it arrived today! Its a song from an old Japanese drama, the song is kind of a sad song, but Morita Douji has such a beautiful voice! The name of the song I like is "Bokutachi no Shippai", the translation to it can be found here.

Well I promise to make another one of my “New Style Posts” tomorrow, but right now I have to get some sleep, totemo nemui とてもねむい, mata ashita! Noah

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