Thursday, April 06, 2006

Relaxing Day....

Well today was a nice day off in which I spent most of my time doing absolutely nothing, apart from relaxing. Ok well that’s not entirely true, I did spend sometime today studying Japanese and also messing around with this page trying to add some cool features to it. I managed to get a hit counter installed, to see how many people visit here, and also I got a search bar from Technorati which lets you search for words that appear on my blog.

I thought that I would update the status about my trip to Japan, earlier I posted about my passport and how they misspelled my name, well it turns out that might have been for the best because the week I planned on going was “Golden Week” which means I would have paid a lot more money for airfare and hotel. So my new plan is to go on May 7, however my passport needs to arrive before then, so keep your fingers crossed!

Here’s a funny video I found of Morning Musume, enjoy!


Hitomi said...

おやすみをリラックスしてすごせて、よかったね。(I am glad to hear that you spent your day off relaxing.)

そうだ!ゴールデンウィークのこと、わすれてた!(Oh yeah! I totally forgot about "Golden Week"!)

5がつの日本は、あたたかくて、きっといいりょこうになりますよ。(May in Japan is warm and I am sure you will enjoy your trip.)

(I hope you will receive your passport soon.)

Have a nice weekend!

Noah said...

Hey Hitomi-san, yes I forgot about "Golden Week" too, I heard its very hard to get transportation during this time in Japan, so I am glad I didn't go then! Also, I found out that they have my passport corrected, and all I have to do now is wait for it to be mailed to me. They said it would take around 2 weeks, but the sooner the better! It sounds like Japan is nice in May, I can't wait! Thanks for wishing me good luck on my passport, it seems that everything is going to work out for the best! Noah