Thursday, April 27, 2006

As promised, another new style post...finally!

Well as promised, here is a new topic for today! Lately I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Final Fantasy Advent Children to the US and it finally was released on Tuesday, so I was there bright and early to pickup my Pre-Ordered DVD! I know.... I am a video game otaku! For those of you who don’t know, Final Fantasy Advent Children is a CG movie based on events that happen after Final Fantasy VII, one of the best games in the Final Fantasy series in my opinion. I was not disappointed in my wait, the movie is great, the English dubbing is actually handled very well with some big names like Rachael Leigh Cook, however I chose to watch it in Japanese.

So for today, I will choose some words related to the movie, first word is what I would described the hero Cloud as, kakkoii かっこいい, it means cool. The word for the villian of the movie Sephiroth, is haraguroi はらぐろい、it means wicked or vicious. One thing I noticed in the movie was at one point Cloud returns home, to which one character says “Okearinasai” おかえりなさい and Cloud responds “Tadaima” ただいま, now what was the problem with this you ask? The English subtitles translated “Tadaima” to “Thank you” which it my opinion should have been “I’m home”, but that’s just my opinion I guess. By the way, okearinasai means “Welcome back” and the person this is said to will always respond “Tadaima”. For great lessons on words like these, please visit and listen to the podcast, this is where I learned these types of words from, thanks to Hitomi :)

Well that’s all for today, hopefully the “Unusual stressful work situation” has passed, so my post will be more often! Thanks for reading, mata ashita! Noah

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