Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another weekend gone...

    How was everybody’s weekend? Mine was pretty good, I got a day off on a Saturday, which is always nice, and today work wasn’t too busy, so I had a great weekend! Also, I noticed that I will be working the morning shift during most of this week, so that means I will have my afternoons free, which I like a lot better than getting off at 9pm.

    I have rescheduled my trip to Japan, because of “Golden Week”, so my new departure date is going to be around May 7. I am currently waiting for my passport, but I have been assured that it will be here well before May 7, so I hope so! One of the reasons I have been studying so much lately, is because being in Japan for a week will be a great opportunity to practice my Japanese. I want to speak in Japanese as much as I can for that week, because even though I get to practice my reading and writing all the time, I never get a chance to actually speak Japanese. So I hope that I can have many conversations in Japan!

    Well here’s a simple sentence involving the subject I have been studying for the past few days, colors! Iro! いろ! Watashi no kuruma wa aka no Mustang desu. わたしのくるまはあかのMustangです。My car is a red Mustang.

    Well that’s all for today, please correct any mistakes that you see, mata ashita! Noah


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