Monday, April 24, 2006

Passport is here, trip is booked!!!!

    The big day has finally arrived, my passport is here (My name spelled correctly this time) and I just got finished booking my flight to Japan! I am sooo happy! Ureshii うれしい!!! The dates are May 21 through the 27, I am very glad to finally have a solid date for my trip! Well I just wanted to tell everybody the good news, I will post another new topic tomorrow with some new words, see you tomorrow! Mata ashita! Noah


Hitomi said...

(Finally you are going to Japan!)
(I am very happy for you!!!)

(I am wondering which airport you are going to arrive.)
(Narita International Airport or Kansai International Airport?)

(Are you planning to go to Akihabara?)

If you like electronics and gadgets, you really should go there!


Noah said...

Thanks Hitomi, I am glad that I finally have a date for my trip! My flight will arrive at Narita, and my hotel is in Narita also. I really want to see Akihabara, because I love video games! I will probably buy a lot of stuff from there!

I will be sure to post many pictures and stories on here when I get back!

Thanks for the comment, talk to you again soon! Noah