Sunday, April 16, 2006

New and Improved Style of Post!!!

    Well first of all, I am sorry for not posting anything for a few days, unfortunately I’ve had to work the afternoon shift for the past few days, which has prevented me from posting, BUT... I have a pretty good post for today! I decided on trying a new style of post, because I have noticed that I am unable to write everything that I want to say in Japanese, so I decided to switch to a different style until my skills are good enough to do more Japanese sentences. The new version will have me writing about whatever I studied that day, very similar to the color post that I did, this way I can write more Japanese words, even though they are not in sentences. Whew! With all that out of the way, here’s today’s post!

    Words with color in them! Here’s some words that I have found from yesjapan! that contain color in them, first word is Akanotanin あかのたにん it means “Complete Stranger” and the color word is aka あか which is Red. Next word is Aozameru あおざめる it means to become pale, and the color word is ao あお which is Blue. The interesting thing about the last one is in Japanese to be scared is to turn Blue, but in English to turn Blue means you can’t breathe, where as to turn White is to be scared. Omoshiroi おもしろい!Well here’s a really simple one, because the color in this word is actually Color いろ, the word is Iroppoi いろっぽい, it means Sexy.

    Well what did you think of the new style of post? I hope that you found it more interesting than the previous way I have been posting, and hopefully you learned a lot of new words! This way takes a little more research for each post, but I think it’s worth it! Well please leave any feedback you have in the comments sections, I am very interested to hear what you think! Next post I will give some more Color words, and then move on to another topic, that’s all for today, everybody have a Happy Easter, mata ashita! Noah

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