Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nice Saturday...

    Konban wa minasan! Genki desu ka? こんばんはみなさん!げんきですか?

 Good evening everyone, how are you? Well I hope everybody is having a nice weekend, so far mine is going pretty well, no work today, so that’s always a good thing! Zettai! ぜったい!I have made some more improvements to the blog, now you can subscribe to the blog through either feedburner or through email, so if you like, please do so!

    Well today I am studying Japanese colors, like あか、あお、くろ、しろ、and so forth. Also, I am practicing my Hiragana day by day, and thanks to Hitomi’s lessons my skills have improved a lot, I can’t wait until I have them all memorized.

    Well I will get back to my studying now, thanks for reading, please leave any comments that you have, I love to read them! Here’s today’s cool video, its Hikaru Utada live singing “Passion”, enjoy! Noah  

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