Sunday, April 02, 2006

Boring day at work...

Work today was pretty boring, I am in a manager training class, and this weeks assignment was to complete a bunch of these very annoying online test, which I was supposed to be doing every day. Instead, I chose to try to do them all 2 days before my class! The good news is that I managed to get them all done, the bad news is that it took me all day to finish.

Shigoto wa tsumaranai desu yo! しごとはつまらないですよ!

See you tomorrow! Noah


Hitomi said...

(It sounds like you had a boring day at work.) I am sorry to hear that.
(Oh, by the way, did you get your passport fixed?) I hope you did!

Noah said...

Hey Hitomi, how are you? Genki desu ka? Well my day was pretty boring, but at least I finished all the quizzes in time! Hotto shita!(What a relief!)

I sent off my passport to be corrected on Tuesday and they said it should be back in a week, I really hope they spell my name right this time.

Thanks for the comments, I always enjoy reading them, talk to you again soon! Noah